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Over 1 million pounds of food for holiday meals

November 15, 2012
Volunteers sorting squash
During these tough economic times, coming up with the fixings for a Thanksgiving feast is beyond many families in San Francisco and Marin. But thanks to thousands of donors and volunteers, the Food Bank will make sure no one goes without.
This Thanksgiving, we'll distribute over 1 million pounds of food to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy a warm holiday meal.  We’re the largest holiday meal provider in San Francisco and Marin. 
The Food Bank will provide hot meal programs like Salvation Army, Walden House, Grace Cathedral and the St. Vincent de Paul’s Dining Room with turkeys, vegetables, grains and other fixings so they can deliver large-scale Thanksgiving feasts. 
Our network of 230 neighborhood food pantries are getting special attention in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Participants will be able to select from a variety of items including poultry, yams, winter squash, onions, baked goods, and dessert to use in preparing their home-cooked Thanksgiving meals.
“We are determined to provide everyone in need with all the makings for a wholesome, home-cooked holiday meal,” says Paul Ash, the Food Bank’s executive director. 
We expect to see about a 20% increase in pantry participation, with well over 30,000 households served weekly this holiday season. 
To meet the need, our grocery list is getting larger and larger! In addition to whole chickens, cranberry sauce, baked goods and other holiday fixings, we’ll deliver:  
76,000 Pounds of yams

116,000 Pounds of potatoes
80,000 Pounds of apples
42,000 Pounds of carrots
31,000 Pounds of cabbage
37,000 Pounds of bell peppers
80,000 Pounds of onions
40,000 Pounds of squash
20,000 Pounds of celery
42,000 Pounds of apples
26,000 Pounds of pears
You can help! The best way is make a donation online. And right now through Thanksgiving, FedEx will match all gifts up to at total of $30,000. 
Together, we'll make sure no one in San Francisco or Marin goes hungry on Thanksgiving.