Food from the Bar: Helpful Resources

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Donation Form

Whether you are collecting cash, checks, or credit cards, these donation forms will come in handy.  
Download the Donation Form


The FFTB poster is a great way to spread the word!
Download the Poster

Fact Sheet

Here’s a quick summary of how FFTB works, and how to process your donations.
Download the Fact Sheet

Email Template

Spread the word!  You can customize our email template, and send it out to all the members of your firm!
Download Email Template

Campaign Contacts

Key contact list on the SF-Marin Food Bank side and the FFTB 2014 Committee
Download the SF-Marin FFTB Campaign Contacts

Food from the Bar Promotional Video

This video can be shared with your teams or to anyone outside of your firm who wants to learn more about the campaign.

Many thanks to Allen Matkins for producing this video.


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Food from the Bar - Resources

this downloadable poster on the FFTB Resources page.