Hunger in Marin

Mother and Daughter with food bag

Many are surprised to learn that there are people in Marin who are at risk of hunger. In fact people are experiencing hunger daily in Marin City, the Canal area of San Rafael, and areas of Novato. In other Marin neighborhoods, hunger is less visible but still a reality for the many individuals and families who are unable to put enough food on the table. 

Tough economic times, long-term unemployment, the challenge of living in a high-cost area on a fixed income — these are pressures affecting tens of thousands of people across Marin County.
  • More than 20% of population affected
    More than 51,000 residents of Marin county are in need of food assistance. To help meet demand, we've doubled our food distribution in Marin since the recession began.
  • At risk population has doubled
    The number of people whose income is low enough to put them at risk of hunger increased 54% between 2008 and 2011.
  • Seniors especially hard hit
    One third of Marin's seniors live on a fixed income below the elder self-sufficiency standard of $27,000 per year to cover basic costs of living in Marin.
  • Limited access to food
    Marin's far-reaching geography and poor public transportation system leave many low-income residents isolated without easy access to grocery stores.