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Pantry Grocery List

The Food Bank Hunger Challenge includes two parts – a simulated food pantry experience and a self-imposed $4.50-per-person a day food budget. For the simulated pantry experience, we’ve provided the list below from an actual food pantry.

We ask that you purchase groceries from this list, which reflects the food you would receive from a Food Bank pantry. These groceries count as your “pantry food,” but they do not count against your $4.50-a-day food budget.

Grocery quantities are listed according to family size. For example, if your family of 5 was participating in the Challenge, you would purchase 2 cantaloupes, 12 carrots, 7 onions, and so on. As an individual participating, however, you would purchase 1 cantaloupe, 6 carrots and 3 onions. These numbers reflect the actual quantities distributed at a Food Bank pantry.

Cantaloupe: 1 medium (1) (2)
Carrots: 6 (9) (12)
Onions: 3 (5) (7)
Oranges: 2 (3) (4)
Pears: 2 (3) (4)
Potatoes: 4 large (6) (8)
StoneFruit (mix of peaches, plums or nectarines): 4 (5) (6)
Strawberries: 1 carton (1) (2)
Tomatoes: 4 medium (6) (7)
Watermelon: 1 small/medium melon (1) (1 large)
Eggs: 1/2 dozen (1 dozen) (1 dozen)
Rice: 1-lb package (2-lb package) (2-lb package)

About groceries at our pantries

The groceries above parallel those we provide to more than 30,000 families each week through our pantry network. More than 60 percent of our pantry distribution is fresh fruits and vegetables. The healthy produce is complemented by lean protein, such as chicken or eggs, and grains like rice and pasta.

Pantry participants pick out whichever groceries they like, with quantities adjusted by household number.