- Christina Hom, pantry coordinator for Chinese Christian Mission

  • Nutrition Education Contractor Needed

    The SF-Marin Food Bank (SFMFB) is looking for a knowledgeable and passionate individual to work as a Nutrition Education Contractor. This position provides nutrition education instruction to agencies and clients of the SFMFB. 

  • Cooking demonstrations

    During our single-session Pantry to Plate classes, participants learn to cook healthy recipes using Food Bank food, while also learning about basic nutrition.

    Classes are offered in English, Spanish and Cantonese and are open to all age groups at the partner agency’s site.

  • Nutrition education classes

    For those agencies that are looking for more in depth Nutrition Education, we offer our three or four week mini-series classes. Each week, participants prepare food while being introduced to topics such as being savvy about salt and sugar, the importance of eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, and how to shop on a budget.

    Classes are offered in multiple languages and are open to youth, adults and seniors at the partner agency’s site. 

  • Training the trainers

    During a one-day training at the Food Bank, staff and volunteers from partner agencies learn how to deliver healthy cooking demonstrations and basic nutrition education messages to the their clients. 

  • Food safety training

    Throughout the year, staff and volunteers from partner agencies attend trainings on food safety basics and safe food handling practices held at the Food Bank.

  • Choosing Healthy, Eating Well (CHEW)

    We have high nutritional value standards for the food we distirbute. Shopping agencies use the CHEW system to easily identify healthy foods and help promote them to their clients.

  • Looking for recipes?

    Find healthy, delicious, low cost meals at Our partner Leah’s Pantry has created an easy to use recipe database searchable by ingredient, equipment, and language.

  • Volunteer with the nutrition team!

    If you are interested in supporting our Nutrition Education program as a volunteer or intern, please contact us with the following information:

    +  First and Last Name
    +  Email address
    +  Phone number
    +  Weekday availability (days and times)
    +  Lanuages other than English that you're comfortable speaking in
    +  Experience with teaching and/or nutrition (not required, but encouraged!)

    "It has been an amazing experience going out into the community and connecting through food and nutrition education. My favorite part of my time at the Food Bank was participating in a series class where I got to see the knowledge of our participants expand and grow in nutrition education!"  -Lucia, volunteer