In addition to making healthy foods available through our distribution network, the Food Bank provides nutrition education programs to help our partner agencies and pantry participants get the information they need to plan and prepare healthy meals.

  • Pantry to Plate Cooking Demonstrations


    Not everyone knows how to cook summer squash or make a tasty stew, so we bring the cooking supplies right to the neighborhood food pantries. Using seasonal produce and other food items available at the pantry that same day, members of our Nutrition Team give quick cooking demonstrations and provide participants with the easy-to-follow recipes to use at home.

  • Nutrition Education Classes


    Available to both agencies and pantry participants, these 45-90 minute classes cover nutrition basics, understanding food labels, and tips for healthy food preparation. Since Spring 2011, we've partnered with Leah's Pantry, a local nutrition-focused nonprofit, to provide nutrition education to pantry participants. During the six-week Food Smarts Workshop, participants learn how to make healthy choices and simple changes in their diet through interactive demonstrations and discussions.

  • Food Safety Training


    Our work doesn't end after the food is delivered from our warehouses to our partner programs. With the vast array of products available — fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, protein and dairy, and frozen foods — it's important that our partners understand basic food safety in order to maintain the integrity of the food. We hold regular trainings so pantry coordinators and meal providers can learn best practices in safe food handling, storage and distribution.