Dave’s Story | The Importance of Neighborhood Pantries

December 4, 2019

For Dave, who is legally blind, getting enough food to eat can be a daily struggle. He used to travel across town once or twice a week — transferring multiple chaotic public transit lines — to get meals from a city program.

Recently, Dave learned that he could walk to a pantry close to where he lives.

Friday visit

Each Friday, Dave visits the pantry to get healthy food supplied by the Food Bank. He especially appreciates the variety of fresh produce he finds there. Dave says, “I have high blood pressure, so being able to get fresh produce every week is really important to my health.“

The pantry food helps Dave save money with the increasing cost of food in San Francisco. “It used to be that every 6 or 7 months, that the prices of groceries would rise at the store. Now it seems prices are going up a lot faster, like every month. Coming to the pantry, I’m able to save $25-$30 a week, which is really great.”

Access for all people

The Food Bank has over 270 pantries open in San Francisco and Marin. Our community can easily find a pantry via our Food Locator tool, where we have listed the pantries and their locations to help ensure that everyone who needs help can access food. We also list which pantries are accessible for people with disabilities.

If you’ve ever faced hunger, you know that a warm meal provides more than food. It provides the energy and peace of mind to take on life’s challenges. Having greater access to food makes it easier to overcome those challenges.