San Francisco Business Times: How this company’s IT grant helped feed a food bank’s operations

July 26, 2018

A generous gift from global marketing firm, Epsilon, was a little different from most of the donations we receive.  It was earmarked, specifically, for the Food Bank to upgrade it’s IT infrastructure.  Reporter Chris Rauber with The San Francisco Business Times explored the relationship

Sometimes the best gift a nonprofit can receive is help upgrading its technology infrastructure.

“In this business, everybody wants to provide the turkeys at Thanksgiving, but it’s the trucks and the warehouse guys that make the trains run for us,” said Paul Ash, executive director at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, which received just such a gift late last year.

Epsilon, a digital marketing and advertising specialist, gave $300,000 to the San Francisco-based food bank in late 2017, and overall the data-oriented marketing firm’s parent, Alliance Data, gave $1.8 million last year to food banks nationwide. A big chunk of the local gift funded a client data tracking tool and inventory and financial data software to make it easier for the nonprofit to see its food-bank donations and distribute food resources in an efficient and timely manner.

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