No one should go hungry

Hunger is a daily threat for 1 in 4 people in
our community, more than ever before.
We've scaled up our distribution to meet the
need, reaching 225,000 people this year.

Ending Hunger

Skipping dinner. Eating less, or eating less well. Giving up food in order to pay rent. One in four residents of San Francisco and Marin is unable to afford all the food they need.

High unemployment, a tough economy and the rising cost of living have pushed record numbers of people to the brink of hunger. Families who have always lived securely in the middle class are now seeking help at our food pantries.
Since the recession began our food distribution has increased 40%, reaching over 46 million pounds this past year — enough for more than 105,000 meals each day. We'll provide food to 225,000 people this year through our 450 nonprofit partners, with an average of 30,000 households served each week through our pantry program alone.
While the numbers are staggering, we still believe that hunger in our community is a solvable problem.
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