225,000 people count on us

From the south-east corner of San Francisco to the farthest points in West Marin, the Food Bank is a vital lifeline serving more people than ever before.

Our Impact

High unemployment and the lingering effects of the recession have pushed record numbers of people in San Francisco and Marin to the point of hunger. While government safety net programs are stretched thin with budget cuts, people can still count on the Food Bank. Thanks to our thousands of donors and volunteers, we haven't cut back. We've scaled up, and we're getting more food to more families than ever before.

This is the impact the Food Bank will have in this year alone: 

  • 225,000 people will be nourished through our programs
  • 47 million pounds of food will be delivered throughout San Francisco and Marin, more than half of it fresh produce direct from the farm
  • 107,000 meals worth of food will be distributed each and every day
  • 30,000 families will receive wholesome foods at our pantries each week
  • 10,000 children will be served fresh, healthy snacks in the classroom each school day
  • 450 community partners will rely on us to supply their meal and food programs
  • 240 farmer's market-style pantries will provide foods people can use to prepare healthy meals in their own homes