Our Impact in San Francisco

People from all walks of life in neighborhoods throughout San Francisco can find themselves unable to afford all the food they need, and our wide variety of programming is designed to meet people right where they are. Partnerships with housing sites, schools, community centers, and churches ensure that food is accessible at a variety of times and days of the week.

Programs for seniors

Home-Delivered Groceries is the first program of its kind, supplying weekly groceries to more than 250 homebound seniors in San Francisco. Our 33 Brown Bag pantries serve more than 4,500 households with seniors each week.

Feeding hungry students

Our Morning Snack Program is now available in more than 30 high-need schools, providing healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese each day of the school week. More than 10,000 students are now getting snacks that help them focus on their school activities instead of their rumbling tummies. 

Connecting people with resources

Our Food Stamp (CalFresh) Outreach program seeks to connect low-income people with the benefits they’re eligible to receive. With less than half of eligible residents actually participating in CalFresh, this work is essential so that everyone has the resources available to them to make ends meet. This year we'll assist more than 2,500 people to enroll for these benefits.