Agency Support

From free meal providers serving thousands of people each day, to neighborhood volunteer programs running weekly grocery distributions — and all the 450 food providers in between — we are a network of thousands of people working together to end hunger in San Francisco and Marin. 

You may recognize of some of the larger partners in our network – St. Anthony’s, Glide, Project Open Hand, St. Vincent de Paul and Ritter Center, for instance. Have you also heard of West Bay Conference Center, Ingleside Community Center or Mission Creek Community? 
Whether they’re serving three meals a day to thousands of people, distributing thousands of pounds of fresh produce and groceries to hundreds of families every week or providing healthy snacks to a handful of students at an afterschool program, our partners are making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people every day. The work can be both immensely rewarding and incredibly challenging — and we make it our priority to celebrate successes and tackle the challenges together with our partners. 
In addition to providing healthy food, here are some of the ways that we support the tremendous work of our 450 partner organizations:
  • Cultural competency
    We always look to expand the variety of foods we provide so everyone can find items they enjoy and know how to prepare at home. We provide language support and translation of recipes, cooking tips and other materials so each site can best serve their neighbors.
  • Nutrition Education
    Train-the-trainer workshops empower partner agencies to teach nutrition education to their pantry participants. 
  • Food Safety Knowledge
    We hold regular trainings so agency partners can stay up to date on safe food handling, storage and distribution, keeping themselves and the people they serve healthy.
  • Onsite Consultations
    When challenges arise, our staff is always available for on- and off-site consultations. Not content to handle situations over the phone, our team members prefer to provide support and problem solving in the field, shoulder to shoulder with the site’s leaders, volunteers and participants.
  • Budget Support
    Some of our partners have substantial budgets for food purchase and programming, others are run by volunteers using a borrowed location. Large or small, we're dedicated to helping our partners spend as little as possible while offering healthy foods to the vulnerable populations we all serve. Those agency partners that have the capacity to contribute to the costs are encouraged to do so, enabling us to better support those sites with more limited resources.