Pantry Network

The Pantry Network is one of our key innovations and the cornerstone of our food distribution model. Our network of over 246 pantry sites throughout San Francisco and Marin serves an average of 30,000 households each week, providing foods people can use to prepare healthy meals in their own homes.

Farmers' market-style offers choice

Weekly farmers’-market style distributions enable pantry participants to select the foods that best meet their families’ needs. From fresh fruits and vegetables to staples like bread and rice, each participant can choose from a variety of nutritious foods that might otherwise be unaffordable.

Pantries located for easy access

Working in partnership with a variety of organizations and faith-based groups, we make sure that pantries are located in places that are easy for participants to access, such as low-income housing developments, community centers and places of worship.
Some pantry programs are designed to serve the needs of specific target populations, like seniors and families. Healthy Children Pantries are conveniently located in public schools so that parents have easy access. And pantries located at supportive housing for the formerly homeless and senior centers enable us to get food to low-income adults and seniors where they live.

Powered by volunteers

Most pantries are run by a team of volunteers and participants, helping us keep operating costs extremely low. Bi-lingual volunteers increase the language capacity at each site, which improves access when pantry participants can communicate in their primary language. And when people who receive food from a pantry also volunteer to work there, it's a way for them to give something back and provides an element of community engagement that helps break down the isolation of hunger.