Betania’s Story | A Better Life

May 31, 2017

It’s been said that all mothers have one true wish — to see their children grow and thrive. You can count San Francisco resident Betania among them, although her pathway to realizing this wish has more obstacles than most.

The single mother left her home in El Salvador a few months ago with hopes of building a better life for her children in the U.S.  As her family strives adapt to a new culture and Betania looks for  work, they are staying with an aunt who lives in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood.

“It’s very difficult to be living in San Francisco as a single mom,” Bettina says. “There were days I wouldn’t eat any food just so I could be sure that my kids were okay. That’s how it should be though – making sure your kids have food first.”

Betania was relieved to find out that the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank operates a pantry at Hillcrest Elementary School, where her daughter attends second grade. Now she’s able to pick up 30 pounds of fresh groceries every Thursday when she dops her daughter off at school.

The biggest relief was when she learned that the Hillcrest pantry would stay open during the summer months, even when school is out of session.  “I don’t know what I was going to do without those groceries. But now I can count on the fresh produce and other items all summer long.”

The timing couldn’t be better. Betania describes her growing son’s hobbies as playing with a soccer ball and eating. “He loves all the fresh fruit that we get. I know that the chicken and other items will help him and his sister grow.”

Eager to find a good paying job, Betania searches every day, aiming to strike out on her own soon. With help from the Food Bank, she is less stressed about feeding her family, and has a little more breathing room to find a good job.

“Thank you, Food Bank! God has given you a heart to give out so much food and to help the community like this,” she says.

If you’re interested in helping someone like Betania nourish their children, click here and donate.