Isaac | A Father’s Journey

May 31, 2017

Watch our Senior Order Builder, Isaac in action in our San Francisco warehouse. Hear about his past struggles, and learn about his commitment to giving back in this short video.

At 4am, Isaac arrives at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank warehouse.  It’s the start of his shift – putting together food orders for our 450 community partners. Operations are buzzing as warehouse staff are off-loading food donations from farms, food companies, and distributors.

Isaac gazes around at what he describes as “a ballet of forklifts.” The heavy machines are at once sturdy and graceful, and the skillful drivers zip up and down the three-story aisles, spin, and drop pallets with precision and finesse. They beep their horns when they WHIZ into the main lanes to let the other workers know they’re coming. If you’re not careful, you could easily get run over, or slow the perfect synchronicity of this mechanical dance.

Isaac has an extra special reason for getting it right when he’s on the forklift.  He was once a Food Bank participant, and knows what it means to be hungry. Like many of our participants, Isaac had a period of being out of work. He relied on general assistance of $300 and food stamps of $80 per month to feed him and his young son. “There were some days I’d starve just to make sure my son had something to eat,” he says. Once he discovered the Food Bank, it was a big help.

Now as an employee, Isaac says, “I feel good giving back, as I’ve been on both sides. Our work is helping so many families that were just like mine. I know that we’re making a difference, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”