Remedios’ Story | Full House, Much Love

March 1, 2017

Remedios looks back on her life just three short years ago and can’t believe all the things that have transpired since then.  It started with her adult daughter dying unexpectedly, leaving behind a grieving husband and 10 children.  Her daughter’s husband and children did their best to get up in the morning, get dressed, and keep going, but it was clear they were struggling to stay afloat.

With her grandchildren’s well-being at stake, Remedios did the only thing she could think of:  she made room in her modest home for her grandchildren and her son in law. And then she said a prayer.

“I have to be positive. It’s hard, but I know I have to take it one day at a time,” she said. “My daughter left us, and we have to deal with that, but thankfully, God is on our side, and so is the Food Bank.”

Remedios’ weekly routine of visiting the food pantry at the Ingleside Community Center is one way the family is moving forward after their loss. Picking up fresh groceries and visiting with neighbors at the food pantry every Thursday has helped rebuild a sense of safety and security for her grandchildren, who range in age from six to 18.

Since Remedios and her husband are in their 80s and live on a fixed income, getting supplemental food from the pantry is essential for nourishing their fast-growing grandchildren. Like most kids, they have big appetites.

“Oh my goodness, they are unbelievable,” Remedios said. “Twenty-four hours a day they are always in the kitchen! Especially during the rainy season…oh, they want to eat again and again and again!”

Remedios especially appreciates all of the fresh produce she receives at the pantry because getting the kids to eat healthy is very important to her. She said, “I am very thankful for the food, and I make extra sure that It goes a long way.”