Nutrition Education | Healthy Lunch & Snack Tips

August 28, 2018

Kids all around the Bay Area are back in school, and if you’re busy stocking up on school supplies, don’t forget to restock your pantry with nutritious foods that can help students perform their best.

Here are tips for quick, easy, affordable, and healthy snacks and lunches from our Nutrition Education team:

  • Choose finger foods: Finger foods are easier for children to snack on during the day. Choose items such as sliced apples with peanut butter, pita chips with a bean dip, and veggies and cheese wrap for a quick and healthy option.
  • Incorporate multiple food groups: Make sure to include two or more food groups in every snack and three or more food groups in every meal. The more variety in your child’s meals, the more nutrients they receive.
  • Use leftovers: Make extra servings when you prepare daily meals, and use leftovers as quick and easy lunch options for the week.
  • Prep the night before: Prep and pack items the night before in order to avoid the rush of getting ready in the morning. Rice cooker oatmeal, a peanut butter, and banana smoothie, or a yogurt parfait are some great options.

Some of our favorite recipes

Hummus and Veggie Pita
  • The chickpeas in hummus are a great source of protein and fiber to keep your child full throughout the school day.
Oven Fried Plantains:
  • To make this recipe even healthier, skip the brown sugar. This snack is a naturally sweet substitute for chips or cookies.
Black Bean and Corn Pitas:
  • This wrap features a rainbow of colors to make sure your children are getting the variety of vitamins and minerals needed throughout the day. The black beans are also a great source of protein for muscle maintenance.
Mini Pizzas:
  • These pizzas are tasty and easy-to-pack lunch options that you can top with your child’s favorite fruits and veggies.
Swiss Chard Pinwheel:
  • This is a healthy hand-held lunch option that can be prepared the day before. Dip into marinara sauce for added flavor and fun!