Feeding the Programs that Feed the People

July 12, 2017

Did you know that almost 10% of the food we distribute each year reaches neighbors in need through meal programs? The Food Bank provides ingredients to more than 200 local nonprofits who host soup kitchens or provide home-delivered meals.

In 2017, we are on track to provide four million pounds of food to meal programs throughout San Francisco and Marin. By purchasing ingredients in bulk and gathering millions of pounds of donated produce, the Food Bank provides high-quality, nutritious food to our partners.

We work directly with farmers, packers, manufacturers and retailers, sourcing fresh ingredients for partners such as Glide, Meals on Wheels, St. Anthony’s Dining Room, and St. Vincent de Paul, among others.

“The Food Bank is the foundation of the Bay Area’s food assistance network,” said Ashley McCumber, executive director of Meals on Wheels San Francisco. “We rely on the Food Bank as a primary source for fresh, healthy produce for our home-delivered meals and groceries. Thanks to our partnership with the Food Bank, we are able to nourish thousands of low-income seniors across San Francisco. Together, we are a formidable force to end senior hunger and isolation.”