Deprioritizing San Francisco’s Food Safety Net Causes Great Harm

July 27, 2023

The Food Bank is extremely disappointed that the City of San Francisco has chosen not to increase funding for critical food programs in its budget. While we understand this is a difficult budget year, the decision to return to pre-pandemic levels of food funding ignores the realities of food insecurity we witness every day in our community. The decision to deprioritize San Francisco’s food safety net programs will cause great harm to low-income residents struggling to put food on the table.

Together with our network of more than 350 partner organizations, we serve thousands of people who are trying to balance the rising cost of groceries and other necessities while social safety nets like CalFresh are eroding. We had hoped our local elected officials would understand there cannot be economic recovery in San Francisco without first ensuring everyone in our city can meet their basic needs.

While the food security funding landscape has changed, the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank remains committed to serving those who need food assistance to the best of our ability. But we also recognize the lack of funding for critical food programs will have consequences for those who rely on our services and will impact the programs we can offer. We are currently working through those plans and will provide updates to partners and participants as they are available.