KQED Radio: Lloyd’s Story – A Tale of Heartache, and the Human Spirit

January 3, 2017

Losing his job at the Wonder Bread factory in the late 80’s was tough. Like most people it put Lloyd Jones in a very uncomfortable position. How was this future San Francisco-Marin Food Bank employee going to adequately feed his two young sons, not to mention himself? Little did Lloyd know that he was about to strike up a long-lasting friendship. One that would not only help him get back on his feet, but that would change his whole outlook on life.

“Be kind to one another. You never know how far-reaching the effects will be.”

Listen to Lloyd tell his story in this “Perspectives” piece on KQED Radio. It’s a tale of hardship, dignity lost and recaptured, heartbreak, and ultimately the gift of knowing that people are much better off when we’re all watching out for each other.

Lloyd’s Story