Marin Independent Journal: All Are Fed Regardless of Immigration Status

February 27, 2017

In February, the Food Bank took extraordinary steps to address real concerns in the community that programs, like ours, were unsafe for immigrants to visit, due to new directives coming out of Washington DC. Our Executive Director, Paul Ash, affirmed our commitment that everybody is welcome at the Food Bank, no matter their immigration status.

The story is resonating with our supporters and participants, and even garnered some extensive media attention. The Marin Independent Journal recently devoted three separate days of coverage to the issue.

Here is the original story about the Food Bank’s stance on the issue, from reporter Richard Halstead that outlines the issues.

That was followed by this Political Cartoon, created by George Russell.



Which was then followed up by this editorial, published the very next day.

For more on Paul’s letter to the community, click here.

And to see our “All Are Welcome Here” campaign on our Facebook page, click here.