Marin Independent Journal: San Francisco-Marin Food Bank Opens Tiburon Pantry

September 3, 2018

If there was ever a time to realize that hunger can be found in any city, in any neighborhood, perhaps it is now.  The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank recently opened a food pantry in the tony town of Tiburon – known more, perhaps, for multi-million dollar homes and breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay.

The pantry at the Hilarita Apartments, is serving more than 3 dozen families and was just upgraded to a public pantry, meaning anybody from the surrounding neighborhood can now access fresh, healthy, FREE groceries every Tuesday afternoon.

Marin Independent Journal Reporter Adrian Rodriguez stopped by the pantry recently and wrote about his experience…

Fresh produce, meat, bread and grains were set up in a farmers market-style food pantry in Tiburon, as volunteers greeted folks who picked up their groceries for the week.

“This is really helpful,” said 25-year-old Toby Taylor, who lives in the Hilarita Apartments complex where the SF-Marin Food Bank food pantry is in operation. “You wouldn’t think that this would be here in Tiburon, but it goes to show that there are pockets everywhere where people need a little help.”

The pantry is the first in Tiburon for the SF-Marin Food Bank. Although residents of the apartment complex have been benefiting from the pantry for the past few months, it opened to the public last week.

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