News Coverage: Food Bank Assists Federal Employees During Government Shutdown

January 18, 2019

Most of our readers are aware of the federal government shutdown that lasted from late December 2018, to the end of January, 2019.  It affected over 800,000 federal workers around the nation, some who went weeks without a paycheck.

In early January, we received word that a group of Coast Guard families, stationed in the Hamilton area of Novato, was in need of food assistance. We jumped into action, crafting a plan that would include a full food pantry delivered to the neighborhood where these families live. In addition, we sent a compliment of Food Bank employees to help enroll eligible families in the CalFresh (food stamps) program.

Here is some of the news coverage that we have received in the days leading up to the event:


Newsweek Magazine – Government Shutdown: Unpaid Federal Workers Are Now Turning to Food Banks To Feed Families

Univision – Food banks in California make donations to coastguard families affected by the closure of the government

KTVU Fox 2 – Novato steps up to help Coast Guard families in need

KCBS Radio – North Bay residents rally to support Coast Guard families

KQED Radio – Bay Area Food Banks prepare to help feed local furloughed federal workers

San Francisco Chronicle – Editorial: Crippled Government is the Threat Within

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial – Crippled government is the threat within

Marin Independent Journal – Coast Guard Families Tread Water

The San Francisco Business Journal – Bay Area businesses helped government workers during the shutdown. They’re ready to step up again

SF-Eater – Food Bank Hosts Massive Mobile Pantry for Unpaid Coast Guard Workers

Pt. Reyes Light – Community center opens pantry to federal workers – Food Banks Brace For Shortages Resulting From Government Shutdown