The Potrero View: Food Bank, Rather than Recreational Space, Slated to Occupy Dogpatch Parcel

June 15, 2018

The Food Bank has struck a deal with CalTrans to allow for a parking lot to be built on an unoccupied parcel of land in the city’s Dogpath neighborhood.   Reporter  covered the story for the Potrero View Newspaper

Add hunger to the list of things that’re booming in the Bay Area. The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, which just purchased a 38,000-square foot facility in San Rafael and plans to expand its 65,000-square foot warehouse on Pennsylvania Avenue, estimates that 29 million meals are missed annually in the City alone.

“When we first moved into our building 20 years ago, we were distributing eight million pounds of food,” said Paul Ash, the Bank’s executive director. “Now we are distributing almost 50 million pounds of food and it’s still not enough.”

The Food Bank’s goal is to have enough capacity to distribute 70 million pounds from its San Francisco location. It already has the capability to bring in more food. “We just have nowhere to put it,” said spokesman Mark Seelig.

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