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Chef for a Day

Be a chef inside Kuleto’s Italian Restaurant — or get the perfect gift for your favorite foodie! Chef for a Day offers the unique experience of working inside a real professional kitchen:

Join Executive Chef Bob Helstrom in Kuleto’s kitchen from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm for an individual cooking lesson.
Invite a friend to enjoy a gourmet meal for two after your cooking lesson is over.
Commemorate your day with a complimentary cookbook.
No experience necessary — just a hearty appetite and a love of Italian cooking!
100% of the $150 Chef for a Day participation fee goes directly to support our programs.
A Chef for a Day gift certificate is a wonderful present for your favorite cook. Remember, experience working in a kitchen isn’t necessary, and 100% of the participation fee is donated to the Food Bank.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do when I am at Kuleto’s? What will I cook?
Chef for a Day is tailored to your interests. After taking part in the pre-shift meeting, you can spend your morning in the bakery and your afternoon working in the kitchen preparing vegetables, creating various savories, tending sauces and finishing plates.
Or you can spend your entire day in the area of the kitchen that interests you most. Kuleto’s opens their kitchen doors to make this experience fun and welcoming — this is your opportunity to become a professional chef for a day!
How much does it cost?
The participation fee is $150 per person, which entitles each guest chef to a four-hour shift, a gourmet lunch for two prepared by Chef Helstrom, and a Kuleto’s cookbook. The value of the package is $85, allowing you to deduct the balance as a charitable donation to the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks. The Food Bank will provide an appropriate acknowledgment of your donation. The entire participation fee benefits the Food Bank.
How do I sign up and reserve a space? How do I cancel my reservation?
Purchase a Chef for a Day certificate and the Food Bank will mail you a receipt and scheduling instructions. Available days and times are Monday through Saturday, with shifts beginning at 10:00 am and ending at 2:00 pm. Weekend dates fill quickly but are available; a mid-week date is recommended.
Can I make this a gift for someone? 
Yes, you may purchase a Chef for a Day gift certificate. Gift certificate information is included in the online donation form. If you purchase a gift certificate, the Food Bank can mail the certificate directly to the recipient and include a special message from you. Alternately, we are happy to mail the certificate to you as well.
Are there any limitations (age, health, etc.)?
We ask that all Chef for a Day participants be free from any colds or contagious illnesses.
How can I pay for this program?
You may pay online or via credit card over the phone by calling the Special Events department at (415) 282-1900.
What do I wear?
Please dress comfortably. For safety reasons, we ask that Chefs refrain from wearing nylons or open-toed shoes. As guest chef, you will be wearing chef whites (a professional chef jacket and pants).
How do I get to the restaurant? Is parking available?
Kuleto’s is located at 221 Powell Street, just one block from the Ellis O’Farrell parking garage and a few blocks away from the Union Square Parking Garage.
Can I bring my friends?
You are invited to treat one guest to a gourmet lunch prepared by Chef Helstrom that you will both receive at the end of your shift (at 2 pm).
Do I get to bring home recipes of what I made?
As Chef for a Day, you will receive a Kuleto’s cookbook to commemorate your day.
Questions? Comments?
For more information contact our Special Events Manager or call 415-282-1907 x380.