Hunger Challenge Participation

Each week more than 30,000 households visit our network of pantries across San Francisco and Marin, bringing home groceries that include farm-fresh produce, protein, grains and other pantry basics. Many of these households also rely on public benefits such as CalFresh (known nationally as SNAP, formerly known as "food stamps") to make ends meet.

Hunger Challenge participants build their 5-day food plan using a $4.50 per person per day food budget (reflecting the average food stamp benefit) and groceries reflective of our pantry distributions, in an effort to create a perspective of understanding and empathy.

Purchase these groceries —reflective of a recent weekly selection at our pantries— before the Challenge begins as a supplement your CalFresh food budget for the week.They do not count against your $4.50 per person per day food budget. 

Pantry Grocery List

Quantities are for individuals, (small families, 2+ people) and (large families, 5+ people) 

Cantaloupe: 1 (1) (2)
Carrots: 6 (9) (12)
Onions: 3 (5) (7)
Oranges: 2 (3) (4)
Pears: 2 (3) (4)
Potatoes, large: 4 (6) (8)
Stone Fruit (mix of peaches, plums or nectarines): 4 (5) (6)
Strawberries: 1 carton (1) (2)
Tomatoes: 4 medium (6) (7)
Watermelon: 1 small/medium melon (1) (1 large)
Eggs: 1/2 dozen (1 dozen) (1 dozen)
Rice: 1-lb package (2-lb package) (2-lb package)

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About our pantries

We've established a network of 240 pantries at schools, community centers and housing sites —convenient locations that provide easy access to fresh groceries. Each week, these farmers' market-style pantries provide a selection of grains, proteins, produce and other grocery basics, helping low-income households substantially stretch their food budgets.

The groceries above parallel those we provide at a typical weekly pantry. More than 60 percent of our pantry distribution is fresh fruits and vegetables, and complemented by lean protein, such as chicken or eggs, and grains like rice and pasta.

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