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Huffman and Speier Oppose Cuts to Food Program

March 26, 2013
Congressman Jared Huffman (CA-2nd District) and Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14th District) have signed on to House Resolution 90, opposing cuts to SNAP. 
The federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (called CalFresh in California, and formerly known as food stamps) is a critical program that funds modest monthly benefits to more than 4.1 million Californians, approximately half of whom are children.
By signing on to House Resolution 90, the Representatives have signaled their support for maintaining a strong nutrition safety net. As we emerge from the Great Recession, putting resources into the hands of those who need them most also adds extra oomph to the local economy: each dollar spent on CalFresh generates local economic activity of $1.79, strengthening the hardest hit communities.
CalFresh could be providing benefits to more eligible Californians, and we continue to advocate for greater participation. But key to making that happen is ensuring that the federal nutrition safety net remains strong and our collective resources are put to good use. 
We applaud Rep. Huffman’s and Rep. Speier’s expression of support for H. Res. 90.