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Food Banks Merge to Serve Growing Need for Food Assistance in Marin County

January 5, 2011
Please note: This press release was published in January 2011.
Our program is growing and our numbers are updated often.
For current facts and figures, see our Media Kit.
January 2011 - The San Francisco Food Bank and Marin Food Bank today announced they have merged to jointly serve the rising need for food assistance in Marin County. The merger was effective January 1.
“The number of unemployed Marin County residents is up 104 percent since January, 2008,” said Paul Ash, Executive Director of the San Francisco Food Bank. “The skyrocketing need for assistance prompted this merger.”
“By joining forces, we’ll be able to distribute more food, more efficiently while maintaining our local presence,” said Matt Taddei, president of the board of Marin Food Bank. “We look forward to expanding our services to families desperately in need.”
Since 2008, both Food Banks have been serving Marin, each distributing two million pounds of food per year in the county. Together, they predict they will be able to distribute six million pounds of food per year within the first 24 months of the combined operation - increasing service to the people of Marin County by at least 50 percent.
“This merger represents a significant step toward meeting the growing need for nutritious food by residents in Marin,” said Dr. Thomas Peters, president and CEO of the Marin Community Foundation. “These two great organizations deserve a lot of credit for seeing the benefits of combining their resources and infrastructure to serve people in San Francisco and Marin.”
The efficiencies gained through the merger will provide a number of benefits to Marin County, including:
  • Increased amounts of food for those at risk of hunger
  • Increased frequency of existing grocery distributions
  • Additional grocery pantries in areas where food is desperately needed
  • A larger variety of food for clients, with added fresh produce, proteins and dairy products
  • Greater economies of scale, enabling distribution of $6 worth of food for every $1 donated
  • Expanded ability to serve Marin County as a disaster planning and preparedness resource
  • Affiliation with Feeding America, the national association of food banks, which offers members a range of resources, from food sourcing to promotional partnerships
The Marin Food Bank will continue to operate from its current warehouse as the two entities merge. Three current Marin Food Bank board members including Matt Taddei, will assume seats on the combined organization’s board of directors.

About the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks [updated July 18, 2012]

Hunger is a serious problem in our community, with one in five children and adults at risk of hunger in San Francisco and Marin. Every day, the Food Bank sources, collects, sorts, inspects and repackages thousands of pounds of food, then distributes it to soup kitchens, neighborhood pantries, school programs and seniors in need.
The Food Bank serves more than 225,000 people each year throughout San Francisco and Marin counties, and will distribute more than 45 million pounds of food to the community this year alone – enough for at least 100,000 meals every day. More than half of what is distributed is fresh fruits and vegetables. For more information, visit