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San Francisco and Marin Food Banks to Provide Holiday Groceries for a Record Number of Families this Thanksgiving

November 16, 2011
Attention: This press release was published in November 2011.
Our program is growing and our numbers are updated often.
For current facts and figures, see our Media Kit.
Requests for food continue to hit all-time highs and the Food Bank depends on the generosity of the community to meet the growing need
San Francisco, CA (November 16, 2011) – Across San Francisco and Marin, thousands of people who might otherwise be forced to go hungry this holiday season are lining up to receive all the fixings to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal for their family.  While some reports indicate that the recession is over, the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks continue to see an increase in requests and will be distributing more food to those at risk of hunger than ever before.
All told, the Food Bank will hand out more than 1 million pounds of holiday groceries this season, providing more than 36,000 households with everything they need to prepare Thanksgiving meals in their own homes.  This is an increase of more than 14,000 families since the start of the recession.
“We are determined to provide everyone in need with all the makings for a wholesome, home-cooked holiday meal,” said Paul Ash, San Francisco and Marin Food Banks executive director.  In order to meet the demand, the Food Bank relies on the support of the community.  “We have food donation barrels located throughout the city,” Ash said. “The most-needed items are non-perishable proteins, like canned tuna or peanut butter.” He added that cash donations are welcome, too. “For every dollar donated, we can distribute six dollars’ worth of food,” Ash explained, thanks to the Food Bank’s efficient operation, which relies on 25,000 volunteers to pack, sort and hand out food to the city’s one in five residents who are at risk of hunger.
This year, the Food Bank will distribute 45 million pounds of food to the community – enough for more than 102,000 meals each day.  The largest food distribution takes place the week before Thanksgiving and will include the following items:
33,000 chickens
97,080 pounds of yams
142,000 pounds of potatoes
68,000 pounds of apples
120,000 pounds of carrots
34,554 pounds of bell peppers
106,000 pounds of onions
74,000 pounds of squash
31,880 pounds of celery
42,000 pounds of apples
44,000 pounds of Kiwi
32,600 pounds of pears
1,728 cases of canned cranberry sauce
36,000 pounds of rice
148,869 pounds of canned of Del Monte vegetables
487 cases of Amy’s Healthy Frozen Meals
33,000 packets of gravy mix
12,228 loaves of bread
2,390 cases of fudge brownie mix
2,585 pounds of cookies
Those who wish to donate nonperishable food items can drop them off at local grocery stores, where San Francisco and Marin Food Banks collection barrels are found. Or make a cash donation online.