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San Francisco Food Bank Kicks off the 20th year of Food from the Bar

April 18, 2011
Attention: This press release was published in April 2011.
Our program is growing and our numbers are updated often.
For current facts and figures, see our Media Kit.
In partnership with the Bar Association of San Francisco, the legal community objects to hunger in San Francisco and Marin 
San Francisco, CA (April 18, 2011) – This month, the San Francisco Food Bank kicks off the 20th year of Food from the Bar.  In partnership with the Bar Association of San Francisco and law firms and legal departments throughout San Francisco, the campaign is the Food Bank’s longest running and most successful competitive food and fund drive.
Food from the Bar has been a major contributor to the San Francisco Food Bank.  Over the past six years alone, the drive has raised more than 1.6 million dollars and brought in 108,071 pounds of food.   In addition, firms and legal departments have completed 4,122 volunteer shifts on-site at the Food Bank.
Law firms and legal offices throughout San Francisco are invited to participate in the yearly drive which will take place from April 18 to May 13, 2011 by collecting money and food, and participating in volunteer shifts.  Firms are encouraged to get creative in their fundraising activities with past examples of fundraising by firms including casino nights, bake sales, and even lawyers on Market Street holding signs that read “will stop singing for money.” 
“The city’s unemployment rate has more than double in the past two years and has added to the 32 percent increase in people turning to the San Francisco Food Bank for assistance” said Paul Ash, Executive Director of the San Francisco Food Bank, “Food from the Bar helps us increase our service and make steps towards meeting the needs of those seeking assistance.  This is particularly important during the summer months when schools aren’t open.  Families who depend on school meals for their children are faced with having to stretch their food budget even further and will turn to the Food Bank for assistance.”
Supporting the Food Bank’s mission of ending hunger in San Francisco, more than 35  firms have already committed to work towards reaching the goal of raising $430,000, collecting 20,000 pounds of food and completing 900 volunteer shifts during the 20th anniversary of the Food From the Bar campaign.  “This is our 15th year participating in the Food from the Bar Food Drive,” said Jonathan S. Storper, Partner, Hanson & Bridgett LLP Co-Chair, 2011 Food from the Bar Campaign.  “With one in five children in our local community facing the risk of hunger every day, we look at the 20th anniversary of the Food from the Bar campaign not as a time to celebrate, but a time for the legal community to step up and demonstrate leadership.”
Firms that are interested in participating in the drive can visit the Food from the Bar page to register.