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Our Stories

  • Imagine trying to support a family of eight on $2,000 a month. That’s the reality for the Mohamed family.

  • Lionel

    “I hear words like ‘it’s a blessing’ and ‘it’s a godsend’ – and always ‘thank you,’” says Lionel Hill, a volunteer and participant at the George Washington Carver Elementary Healthy Children Pantry

  • Glenda baking a cake

    Glenda Robinzine finds health and stability through the weekly food pantry and community at Mosaica Family and Senior Apartments, a mixed-income housing complex. 

  • The Morning Snack Program is popular at West Marin Elementary school. Lourdes Romo, the school's family advocate, explains: “A lot of the kids in the middle income bracket might not qualify for free or reduced price lunch but might still need a snack,” Romo says. “There’s no stigma here. Everyone eats morning snack.” 

  • Kathleen is a volunteer from Marin County’s Fairfax Food Pantry. Most people come to the pantry to pick up groceries for the week but some people are physically unable. Kathleen delivers the pantry to an elderly homebound couple each week, making sure they receive the nutrition they need to survive. 

  • The Food Bank recently partnered with The Bay Citizen to publish a quiz featuring some interesting Food Bank facts. In a karmic twist of fate, the winner of the quiz happened to be a Food Bank supporter and volunteer. 

  • Food bank participant, holding her free groceries

    Deborah Brooks is a pantry participant at Bethel AME. She helps the homeless by working as a night desk clerk for a permanent housing non-profit. But by the end of the month, she could use a little help making ends meet herself. 

  • Frances is a monthly donor who was inspired to give after participating in a food drive and listening to the announcement of KGO Fights Hunger Day in 2011. 

  • Caridad is fighting to overcome depression. She is a survivor of domestic violence, and lives on a monthly survivor’s benefit and $16 in Food Stamps.

  • Rose Chang is 86. She lives at a senior citizens’ residence in the Tenderloin, and shared her story with the Food Bank in 2011.