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Fighting Depression through Self Sufficiency

Caridad is fighting to overcome depression. She is a survivor of domestic violence, and lives on a monthly survivor’s benefit and $16 in Food Stamps.

"I try to do everything for myself. That’s why I’m coming to the Food Bank."

"After my husband passed away, I don’t have anybody in my life. And I’m happy. I’m happy because I’m free. I’m happy and safe. Now, I try to have a better life. I try to have peace, but it’s very hard. Very hard."

Solving my own problems

"I try to do everything for myself. That’s why I’m coming to the Food Bank. I pick up the spaghetti, potatoes, celery, carrots. If there’s a lot of beans – dried beans – I try to come back after all the people come and if there’s extra beans, then I take it. 
I come to the Food Bank and try to solve my problems. Because I need to pay the rent, the gas, the telephone, insurance and try to stretch my money."

Crying over onions, dancing as she dices

"What makes me happy? I like cooking. When I’m cooking, I listen to my music very loud. Different kinds of music. If I’m feeling sad, I listen to sad music. 
But you know the music for the young people? The reggaeton? I like it. When I’m cooking, I’m dancing. I’m dancing, and I chop-chop-chop the celery and the onions and I cry not because I’m upset, but I cry for the onions. 
I make chicken with tomatoes. I make rice with carrots. Veggies, pasta, meat, stew. I make stew, I make rice – I enjoy cooking.
Yes. I’m happy when I’m cooking."