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KGO Hungerthon Inspires Listener to Give Monthly

Frances is a monthly donor who was inspired to give after participating in a food drive and listening to the announcement of KGO Fights Hunger Day in 2011.
"I’m a daily KGO listener and last week, I heard them mentioning a big announcement coming the next day.  They mentioned it so many times that I thought it had better be pretty important, it had better change the world!
When I heard the executive director of the Food Bank on the radio the next day, I was just overwhelmed — I always am when I hear the numbers about hunger.  It made me think, because just two weeks before that we got a paper bag in the mail for the postal food drive.  My mom and I looked through our cupboards and then went to the store for more food to donate.  We ended up leaving two big bags of groceries out, and it felt good to do that."

Living paycheck to paycheck but not going hungry

"I live with my senior mom and we’re paycheck to paycheck.  Between my paycheck and my mom’s social security, we don’t go hungry, thank the Lord.  We’ve been really tight, but we’ve never been hungry.  So when I heard about all of this on the radio that morning, I checked the Food Bank’s website and read about the programs, and I thought we should do some more."

Cutting back to give to others

"When I told my mom that I wanted to donate money to the Food Bank every month, she asked me how I could afford it with all the bills.  We talked about it a lot and I realized I could probably drink a few less lattes, or pick up the paper a few times a week instead of every day.  If I cut back on a few things, I could make a small donation every month.  I’d like to donate more, but this is all I can do right now."
Can you give, too?
Knowing that so many people need this food doesn’t give you a good feeling.  But I think that if everybody gave just 5 or 10 bucks, we could all help each other a bit.  It makes my heart warm to know there are still organizations able to assist people to get through tough times and all these government cutbacks, and bottom line give people some sort of dignity.  I’m happy that I can give a little and the Food Bank will get the food out to people who need it.
To make a difference all through the year, join our Meal-a-Month club.